Our policies

Shipping Policy

We ship drugs offered in our store from India, at the same time being country of origin, where drugs a manufactured. This is why delivery time may vary and take up to 23 days.


There may appear cases of non-fulfillment of the order caused by factors we cannot influence. In case if you didn’t receive your order until deadline, contact us, and we will do our best in handling your case and offering the best solution that will satisfy and completely meet your interest. You can find more information on shipping policy by the following /link/.

Order Cancellation Policy

We kindly advise you that orders made on our website can be done only within 24 hours from the placement of the order. For cancelations, please contact our support team by giving a phone call or sending us an email and describe your case. Any queries for cancelations after 24 hours from order placement will not be processed nor accepted.

Check twice the shipping address you indicate during placing your order. Any mistake caused by incorrect shipping address indicated by the customer may cause non-delivery of the order and will not be subject for refund. Anyway, in case of indicating incorrect shipping information, write us or give us a call ASAP, and we will try to solve the problem.

Refund Policy

All drugs in our product range are identical to the branded analogues, have the same chemical content and have the same pharmaceutical and medical efficiency.

If you have doubts or not fully satisfied with the effect of the product, kindly contact us on the problem. We will carefully research your case and will offer a return address. In the moment we receive the returned product, we will manage the refund procedure.

Prior to writing or calling us on the matter, check the dosage of the product you take and the medical instructions of use. Some drugs may have specific reactions with other medications, the effect can also be accelerated or slowed down by the intake of food, alcohol.

The non-fullfillent and non-delivery of the order will be considered only in case when you didin’t received your order 23 days after the placement of the order. In such case please contact our customer support service to claim a refund. We will wire the full amount to your bank card. Typically, the refund process may take up to 7 business days, then, the the money should reflect in your bank account.

We don’t accept returns, due to the type of products we offer. We don’t know the conditions of transportation during the return process and this may have an impact on the benefits of the product, thus making the drugs inefficient for the second delivery.

Privacy Policy

Privacy of our customers is our top priority. This is why we try to do everything that we can do in handling your personal information, preserving your anonymity. We don’t share your personal information to other party.

All transactions made on our website are secured with 256 bit SSL secured, encrypting all the payment detail information handled on our side. We don’t keep your payment details on our servers, all billing processing servers are certified by independent payment processing companies, ensuring the safety and privacy.

The only information we keep in our database are the 4 last digits of your credit card, keeping your billing data safe even from our customer support sevice.


  1. We are not liable for any delay in the delivery that does not exceed 19 business days from the estimated delivery date. The deadline for the delivery should be considered 10 (ten) days from the estimated delivery date. In case of public or national holidays during the shipping periods, add up the the deadline.
  2. We are not liable for any cases of failed delivery then customer indicated wrong address, or address where delivery is impossible. In addition we are not liable for any cases of failed delivery if the customer did not picked up, claimed or refused the delivery in any way. In similar cases, reshipping procedures are performed by Int. Regular Mail
  3. We are not liable for any customer claims for the generic products that do not arrived as expected by the customer and do not have the same color, label, size, shape of the product caused by the branding of the product. All information listed on the website is for reference only.
  4. We are not liable for any customer claims that describe the inefficiency of the drug ordered for off-label use.
  5. If you are placing your order on our website, you confirm that you have read, accepted and agreed with this disclaimer. Any attempts to claim your payment back for one of the reasons listed above, may and will be considered as fraud and may lead to legal action and permanent ban in our system.