The discovery of Viagra was revolutionary and indeed a solution to most men’s sexual problems. Viagra did the magic but initially the cost was really terrific, only the rich could afford it. As a result a number of new erectile dysfunction drugs have been popping up into the lucrative ED drugs industry since the accidental discovery of Viagra in 1998. They come up with a few upgrades, some last longer and take a few minutes to kick into action (cialis), some have less side effects (vardenafil) and some have the same effectiveness as Viagra but cost way less (kamagra).

It is not clear as to when Kamagra was really invented but what we do know is that it is a cheap alternative to Viagra and is manufactured by Ajanta pharmacy. Just like Viagra, Kamagra is also classified to a group of enzymes known as PDE5 inhibitors as it contains sildenafil citrate as its active substance. It is manufactured in india and is sold online without a prescription in oral jelly sachets or tablets.

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  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Dosage: 50mg, 100mg
  • Package Price: from $30 to $540
  • Price per Pill: from $1.50
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50mg, 100mg

Is Kamagra authentic and safe to take?

Yes and no. It mainly depends on where you buy it from. Kamagra is not approved and licensed as a legal Erectile Dysfunction drug in many countries and it is quite hard for most people to legally buy it from established and authentic pharmacies. This is because it is actually illegal buying or selling a drug in a country where is not licensed. Nonetheless Kamagra is licenced by the indian FDA and you only have to get it from an authentic and trustworthy supplier.

The main active ingredient found in Viagra and Kamagra is the same. They both contain sildenafil citrate therefore the same mechanism of action and the same effectiveness. But, is kamagra safe?

Kamagra can be potentially dangerous due to the fact that it is not legal in many countries and many people have to source it from some unscrupulous websites online. Whilst some of these websites would be authentic, the majority of them would either be selling counterfeits or they will be after stealing your credit card credentials.

Another concern is that you cannot go to your GP and discuss how you ought to take kamagra as it would not be legal. It is possible that kamagra can interact with other medical conditions or drugs. Below are some common interactions associated with Kamagra:

Kamagra Drug interactions

Below are some of the medications that might have some interactions with Kamagra. It is never a good idea to mix up ED, don`t take kamagra with other drugs like Cialis(tadalafil), Stendra(Avanafil), Levitra(vardenafil). If you want to see which one works best, try one at a time at a set period of time like a week and at the end you would get an accurate assessment on which one works the best with your metabolism. The following medications are more likely to interact with Kamagra:

  • Antifungal medicine like itraconazole and ketoconazole
  • HIV/AIDS meds like indinavir, atazanavir, ritonavir or saquinavir.
  • Antibiotics like erythromycin, clarithromycin and telithromycin;
  • Prostate disorder or High blood pressure drugs
  • Endulge in recreational drugs containing nitrates, such as poppers
  • use nitrates to control heart problems or angina.


Note that the above given medications are not the only Kamagra drug interactions, in some cases herbal products, vitamins and over the counter medicines can also interact with Kamagra.

If you experience any sudden changes in your health after taking kamagra, immediately call your doctor.

Medical conditions which might interact with kamagra.

Kamagra is a safe drug with usually very few or no side effects at all in most individuals. However due to certain medical complications some people are strongly not recommended to take kamagra. These are individuals who have suffered or have a history of the medical conditions below:

  • Chest pains(quite rare). Incase this occurs during coitus, one should sit in a semi sitting position, take a deep breath and relax and whilst sildenafil citrate is still in the blood stream do not use nitrates to treat the chest pain there and then.
  • Allergic reactions(although rare some people are allergic to sildenafil). The allergic symptoms would might comprise of unexpected wheezing, eyelids swelling, lips, throat and the face and a difficult in breathing.
  • Painful and prolonged erections, if the erections goes as long as 4 hours immediately seek urgent medical care.
  • Severe skin reactions which can include symptoms like swelling and peeling of the skin, fever and blistering of the genitals, and around the eyes.
  • Fits or seizures
  • Stroke, congestive heart failure or heart attack
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Low or high blood pressure
  • Heart rhythm problems
  • Kidney or Liver disease
  • Heart disease
  • Multiple myeloma, cell anaemia or leukemia or any other blood cell disorder disease.
  • Haemophilia or any other bleeding disease
  • An ulcer in the stomach
  • Retinitis pigmentosa
  • Any physical deformity of the penis like Peyronie`s disease
  • If your doctor has advised you not to have intercourse for health reasons

Side Effects

The introduction of a drug in the body disturbs some metabolic processes therefore it is hardly possible to find a drug with zero side effects the side effects can be very mild but each and every medication usually has some side effects. The most common side effects which are experience by most men who take Kamagra are headache, nausea, muscle pains and upset stomach.

In very rare cases some individuals can experience sudden vision or hearing loss. This is because kamagra contains sildenafil citrate which can reduce flow of blood to the optic nerve of the eye. Nonetheless most people who experienced this had pre-existing eye problems, high blood pressure, heart diseases, high cholesterol and in individuals who smoked and were over 50 years old it is not clear. Still it is not 100% clear if sildenafil was the actual cause of the vision loss.

If you happen to experience vision loss, you can opt to buy Vardenafil which is  more potent and selective PDE5 inhibitor. Vardenafil does not inhibit PDE6 altering colour perception.

During the coitus (sex), if you experience anything out of the norm like feeling nauseated, pain, numbness, a tingling sensation on your ches, arms, jaw, neck or feel dizzy just stop immediately and call your GP immediately. Some people can experience an erection which lasts for more than 4 hours. Such a condition is called priarpism and can lead to serious complications if the patients does not receive urgent medical care. Call your GP ASAP.

Is it possible to treat ED naturally?

Yes but it depends on the root cause of the erectile dysfunction. Most Erectile dysfunction cases are psychological and some are due to high blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol.

If the above are the causes of ED, it can definitely be easily combated by eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, keggel exercises and stopping smoking among many other healthy habits. Psychological ED can be combated by counselling, sex education or even taking kamagra for a short period of time to help boost your sexual confidence in bed. A lot of man have reported experiencing the same great sex even after stopping to take kamagra.

Where do I get authentic Kamagra?

Well established and authentic pharmacies are usually very expensive. Newbie online pharmacies are very tempting with their competitive prices. But is it worth it to get a counterfeit drug at a cheap price?

Of course no! Therefore as much as everyone wants to be economic, never sacrifice quality for quantity. Unregulated meds can contain anything from useless powders to harmful substances that will harm your body. However this does not rule out all online pharmacies as fake. Indeed there are a few authentic online pharmacies like Sildenafarm.com which offer authentic Kamagra along with other medications at affordable prices, plus an added benefit of secured transactions, prompt and discrete delivery.